PAN Card Details – What to Fill in PAN Card Application Form?


Are you planning to apply for the PAN Card? No need to get confused about PAN Card details to be filled in the application forms. We have shared here links and information for all details about how to fill the PAN Card Application Form. Form 49 A is required to apply for PAN Card for Indian citizens. Applying for Permanent Account Number is quite a simple online-process. To make it simpler for you, we have given here instructions that will help you to fill your form 49 A. First, you should download the PAN Card Application Form. In case, you are looking to change the details, then PAN Card Correction Form should come in handy. Moreover, you will also get friendly with the online-process of verifying one’s PAN Card details.

Permanent Account Number is becoming an essential document. It is mandatory for tax payers and financial dealers. It is also must for sale and purchase of specified assets and properties. Basically, it was introduced to help the IT department by bringing transparency to all the financial transactions, thereby, helping to curb Hawala and other illegal transactions. PAN number is issued with life-time validity and allows IT to know the source of any financial dealings. Besides Income Tax Department of India, it has also become a helping tool for Banks and other financial and commercial institutions. Perhaps, it is one of the mandatory identity documents required in most of the places where money and finance is involved. Government can easily find out all the transactions using the PAN Card attached to your bank account. It is also a duty of every Indian to get the PAN Card for their firm, business and personal use. We have provided all the necessary PAN Card details required to fill up the form. It should help you in getting the details of filling the PAN Card Application Form, especially the first timers.


PAN Card Details

While filling up your Form 49 A, you need to enter all your personal details. Find below the details which you need to fill in your PAN Card Application Form.

  1. Name and Address
  2. Date of Birth or Date of Incorporation in case of firm
  3. Father’s Name (for individual)
  4. Phone Number
  5. Address for communication
  6. Residential or office address
  7. Status of Applicant (applicable in case of firms)
  8. Aadhar Card number in case of Indian citizen

Since, PAN Card can be issued to an individual or a firm, some details are applied for firm or individual or both. Mostly, you can find such application forms from the two government approved portals- NSDL and UTI.


pan card application details

PAN Verification – How to Verify PAN Card Details by PAN Number

Use the online facility of ‘Know Your Jurisdiction Officer’ to know the details of any firm/person by entering the PAN number:

  1. Click to go at Know Your Jurisdiction Officer page.
  2. Point the arrow to the Permanent Account Number and click on ‘submit’ button.
  3. You will see the PAN Card holder’s name, and jurisdiction details.

Anyone can use this facility provided by Income Tax e-filling portal. One can easily get all the PAN Card details and transactions attached to it. It will ensure you of legal identity of the unknown party before you enter into any transaction.

Track PAN Number by Name & Date of Birth

As you can track PAN card status details by PAN number, likewise you can also know your PAN number by entering your details. This will help you to know your pan online from wherever you are.

  • Click here to use Know your PAN by your name and date of birth.

In case of firm, enter the date of incorporation in the date of birth field. You can also use this facility to know your Permanent Account Number. Know your PAN helps people to apply for duplicate PAN card in case of losing it.

pan card details

Pan Card Inquiry

If you have any query with regard to your PAN application, you can call on below numbers. Call on UTI if you have applied through UTI portal. If your application is processed at NSDL, call on NSDL, Mumbai numbers.

  • UTI Customer Care Toll Free Number: 1800 220 306
  • UTI Customer Care number: (call charges applicable) 022-6793 1300
  • NSDL Customer Care Number: (call charges applicable) 022-2721 8080

It would be much easier to track PAN Card status online. Our site will guide you easily about PAN Card tracking at NSDL, UTI and e-Mudhra. Refer to our separate post on PAN Card status online. Following links should help you further in this regard:

UTI PAN Card status

NSDL PAN Card status

Permanent Account Number is becoming a powerful tool to confirm legal identity of a person and firm. Host of online facilities are present at government sites of Income Tax and authorized nodal NSDL and UTI. Any individual and institute can use these facilities to verify the PAN Card details and to track the application status. Know your PAN and Know your Jurisdiction Officer are also such facilities at the e-filling site. We help Indian users getting friendly with online procedures of Permanent Account Number and Aadhar Card. Visitors are welcome to drop their queries and confusions related to PAN Card details in the comment box below.



  1. Dipak kumar Ghorai says:

    DEAR SIR, Pls send me information full address about RANJIT, c/o-GOPAL. PAN no. BSYPR0751 because he is a cheater. pls help me

  2. Pankajakshan.P says:

    Sir please my pancard status

  3. says:
  4. gurpreet says:

    sir mera pan card nhi aa rha coupan no hai 601760448

  5. gurpreet says:

    sir mera pan card nhi aa rha coupan no hai 601760448

  6. rajagopal says:

    is surname amust fr pancard

    my name rajagopal father name ramachandran

    gr father name apapswamy

    my old pancard gives as rajagopal ramachandran\

    father name as ramachandran appaswmay(not appaswamy)

    but all my school colege service / pension records are
    ramachandran rajagopal in south indian type R.Rajagopal

    i hav e problem in 15h form accaepatance by banks

    so nsd l karavy,veeradesai rd andheriwest tok my paplication fr cahnge inname /adres etc
    as surname ramachandran ,first name rajagopal second name not given
    father name ramachandran appaswmay
    as all my bank acct s are as ramachandran rajagopal

    i s it ok

  7. Narender says:

    I have loss my pan card

  8. S Devendiran says:

    My pan card number AKGPD4189D and I was applied twice because my address was changed after my retirement from Army service. Acknowledgement number of my application is 881030219767515 and 062669700388805. Request for need full action at the earlioest.

  9. gerge thomas says:

    please help me my pan card return my postman my duplicate pan card AEUPT 1908A

  10. tapash barai says:

    May pan card apply

  11. सतीश भोसले says:

    सर मेरा pancard खराब होग्या है मुझे नया चहीये तो मै क्या करू

  12. SEEMA JASWAL says:


  13. Suresh Gandhi says:

    Sir I applied for change in my photo in my pan card . I pay the fees also but till date I didnot get any response they send me costumer codeA0734972. For send email id I already send email id .but didn’t get any response . What can I do .

  14. Swarnakanta Pattanaik says:

    My pan card number BCZPP1099J and I was applied twice because my PHOTO on my PAN card was not visible.kindly tell me the status of my new pan card because i apply on 30/06/2016. since it will not came

  15. Gopabandhu Mohanta says:

    Maine Date- 16 sep-2017 ko pan card apply kiya tha par par hamko uti balo ne ek rti bheja hai ushme Reg: PAN Application No : N002114001 / Coupon No : N002114001 usme mere ko * PENDING FOR AADHAR BIOMATRIC AUTHENTICATION.REAUTHENTICATE AT ANY NEAREST BRANCH OFFICE OF UTITSL. to abhhi me kya karoon so please give me some idea.

  16. CHANDRA MARNDI says:

    sir my gender is-Male but in pancard that is -Female , MY PAN NO-AVBPM1544R, SO how can i correct it. inform me sir

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