Pan Card Verification: How to Verify Pan Card Online


Online Pan Card Verification

Guide to online PAN Card verification by Name and Date of Birth! Verify any one’s personal details by PAN number. Or verify PAN number just by entering personal details like name and location. PAN Card verification facility can be used by any individual or entity. You can cross check the personal details of persons or firms by entering their PAN number at the official portal of income tax department. PAN Card is a powerful tool for Income Tax to track all the financial transactions and avoid duplication. This post brings you online methods of verifying PAN number and personal details using PAN number and name.

PAN Verification is sometimes needed to check genuineness of the PAN Card holder. This document connects income tax department with all the financial transactions made by a person or firm. Such transactions cover payments of taxes, wealth, FBT returns, TDS returns and credits. UTI also offers PAN Bulk Verification. A layman’s guide to apply for PAN Card was already given in case if you are looking to apply for a fresh PAN Card. Educational Institutes and commercial institutes like banks, mutual fund, insurances companies can apply for PAN Bulk Verification facilities.


pan card verification

PAN Verification by PAN Number

Verify details by entering PAN number of any third party. You can carry out online PAN Card verification at portals of income tax e-filling, NSDL and UTI. See below how you can check personal details like name, address and domiciles using PAN number at income tax e-filling.

  1. Visit income tax e-filling site’s Know Your Jurisdictional Assessing Officer.
  2. Enter the complete PAN number you want to verify.
  3. Enter the captcha code in the next field.
  4. Give a click on submit button to proceed.
  5. You can view the complete name of the person or firm and his jurisdiction.

PAN Card details viewed on the screen will give you the details like- name, surname and domicile of the PAN Card holder. This online facility helps numerous financial and other firms to cross verify details of people hiring their services.

Search PAN Number by Name and Date of Birth

Know your PAN is a free online PAN Card verification offered at e-filling website. You can obtain PAN number by entering personal details like date of birth and surname.

  1. Give a click here to reach Know your PAN page at income tax e-filling site.
  2. Surname and Birth date are mandatory fields.
  3. Select your date of birth.
  4. Enter surname. See that you do not misspell any details.
  5. Enter middle name and first name in the next text boxes.
  6. Enter captcha code as shown in image in the last box.
  7. Click the submit button to view the PAN number.

Most of the Chartered Accountants (CAs) use the same portal to cross-check your details. It is highly recommended that you use the same. In most of the cases, your card will be registered with an email address. In many cases, CA uses their own email. We highly recommend you to register your own email instead of CA’s.

Additionally, you can also go through NSDL and UTI portals to get your PAN Card and all the transaction details. A guide to check NSDL PAN status and UTI PAN status has already been shared by us.

PAN card verification

Why PAN Verification is Needed?

PAN verification facility comes useful as it might happen sometimes that the information on the PAN Card differ from the one saved in ITD data. You can know your Permanent Account Number just by entering your name and Birth Date. The Bulk PAN Verification facilities are also available for agents, banks and financial service providers. In case, you see some errors in your PAN Card details, then it is a wise idea to get it corrected. Go through PAN Card Correction Form and submit it to the NSDL/UTI portal to get it corrected.

Besides using this facility for yourself, you can use it to confirm legal identity of third parties. Thus, you can be sure of your safety before entering into any kind of transaction with them. PAN Card is basically a powerful weapon for the Income Tax Department and also for other institutions and individuals.

Procedures like income tax payments, IT e-filling and PAN Card applications have turned digital. Hence Government offers many additional online services to help users. You can also track status of your PAN Card application. Hope this post helps you in retrieving your PAN number on the basis of your details. Quick online PAN Card verification helps lakhs of commercial units and individuals to verify personal details of unknown parties. Hence online platform allows you to access your PAN number in case you need it anywhere urgently. You can also verify your personal details that are available at ITD database.


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