Complete Guide to Change Name on PAN Card


PAN Card is the unique alphanumeric identification number based legal tool that serves various purposes. If you have a PAN Card and later on you realize the name has some errors, or you want to change the name printed on it, then most of you think it is not possible in the real world. Don’t worry; read this complete guide to change your name on PAN Card.

You can change your name on your PAN Card after marriage, or for a company, you just need to fill up the application form online and read this handy guide for all UTI and NSDL.


Government of India has launched a number of websites as third-party websites for the Indian people to get their UTI PAN Card Name Change or surname change (after marriage). There are two possible methods for this- first, online method and second, offline method by filling the PAN Change Form. Name on the PAN Card can be easily changed by following some easy to follow steps mentioned below:

  • First of all, make sure your name and signature are placed correctly in data base. In case your name or DOB or signature is mistakenly entered in PAN Card, you should take immediate action.
  • Visit –
  • Now click on the “Changes” form as stated in the image. Once done, follow the mentioned rules for further modifications in your PAN Card details in change application form online UTI/NSDL. PAN Card Name change-compressed
  • Once you are done with all possible changes and modifications in your details, pay Rs.107 fee for changes made, which is applicable only in India.

And it’s done!

  • You can also opt for the offline method if you find it suitable to skip the online part. For changing your name in PAN Card by offline method, you need to:
  • Bring your UTI card to a local Internet or e-Seva or other online Seva office along with the list of documents that can be accepted as your Identity proof.
  • You will be given a request letter application form. Fill it and enter the required information.
  • Now tell the officer about what you wish to change and rest will be taken care of itself. A sample request letter on your behalf will be issued and submitted to government to add the necessary details in their data base.
  • You are almost done; wait for the delivery to your home. Generally it takes around 1-2 months.

So now you have successfully raised the request for changing your name in your PAN Card. It is this easy. Hope there is no doubt or issue left in your mind now.


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