How to Check Your Tax Refund Status


The Income Tax Department serves you with an online facility to track your Income Tax Refund and its status. Though the process was messy and lengthy earlier, now the IRS has made it easy to check your Tax Return status online with the “Where’s My Refund” page.

To know more about the matter, read on the article below.


If you are looking around for your refund Cheque to arrive or have it deposited to your account, it needs not to be a mystery. With the “Where’s My Refund” online page by IRS, you can easily check the status of your Income Tax Refunds online. You just need to enter some personal information and it will let you find out when it will arrive.



Here’s how to check your tax refund status online:

Wait: It takes around three days for the authority to go through your request. So wait for around three days after e-filing your tax return before rushing to check your status online. The fact is, when you e-file your tax return to the IRS, it takes around three days to update your information on the website.

If you have mailed a proper copy of your tax return, the IRS suggests waiting for at least three weeks before you decide to check your refund status. Most of the taxpayers who e-file their returns, receives their tax refunds sooner.

Get a copy of your tax return: Next thing to do is to obtain a copy of your tax return. The IRS requires you to have some suitable information from your tax return. So go grab the printed copy of your tax return. You will need the following information from your copy:

Social Security number, the one that you entered a the top of your tax return

Filing status you selected, you can find it in the top portion of the first page to your Form 1040, 1040A, or 1040EZ

Amount of your tax refund can be located at the end of your tax return copy.

Visit “Where’s My Refund”: Now, go to the official IRS website and look for ‘Where’s My Refund” page. As soon as you enter, you will find three different boxes to enter your filing status, refund amount, and Social Security number. Once finished entering details, click on “Submit” at the end of the page to get the status of your tax refund.

If you want to check your tax refund status on your mobile, then you can use the MyTaxRefund app for Android and iOS.

So, it’s easy to check your tax refund status online. Next time the refund delays, just hang on and give this guide a shot.


How to Change Photo on PAN Card


The Income Tax Department of India issues the PAN Card to every person. The card not only acts as a legal identity proof, but it also comes handy in a lot of other ways while making transactions dealing in finance. Furthermore, in many operations like fling Income Tax Returns, Opening a Bank Account or a DMAT Account, Purchasing new vehicle, buying new property, applying for a credit card, starting a new business, etc. need you to show or submit your PAN Card copy. So, now that you know there are so many uses of having a PAN Card and you already have it, a situation might arise where you may need to change the photo in your PAN Card.

PAN Card photo change

The reason can be a change in appearance or some other reasons, but whatever be the cause, here’s the quick guide to change your photo on PAN Card online:


  • Any changes can only be made if you already own a PAN Card.
  • PAN Card Change Request Form must be filled properly to update your Photo on PAN Card.
  • A new PAN Card will be issued with the same PAN Card number and details, except your updated Photo, same will be entered in the records of Income Tax Department as well.

Change PAN Card photo online:

  • Go to the official website of NSDL for PAN by following the link –
  • Read all instructions and guidelines carefully before applying for any changes in your PAN Card photo. If you wish, you can translate the page in Hindi too.
  • Scroll down the page and select the Category of the Applicant at the bottom.
  • Once selected, click on
  • You will see options like “Apply for New PAN Card or / And Changes or Correction in PAN Data.”

pan card correction

  • Fill the PAN Card Change Request Form after reading it carefully.
  • Fill all the starred (*) fields correctly. Your form will not be processed further if any such field is left empty.
  • Now tick the box next to the Point 7 saying Photo Mismatch.

Photo mismatch PAN

  • Now enter your PAN Number in the box next to “Permanent Account Number (PAN).
  • You can choose to receive paperless PAN Application for photo change. If you select YES, you can:
  • Upload your photo
  • Upload new signature
  • Upload documents

NOTE: You can also get your Documents from the DigiLocker

  • If you don’t wish to opt for the Paperless option, click on NO, to get the offline Application Form.
  • Select the proper option under DSC Dropdown menu.
  • After you have completed all steps mentioned above, click on Submit, to finally submit all the necessary changes in Photo Change Application.
  • Pay Rs.107/- fee by-
  • Cheque
  • Demand Draft
  • Net Banking
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card

NOTE: Demand Draft should be paid in favour of – “NSDL – PAN” payable at Mumbai.

  • At the end, you will receive the Acknowledgement Number and its copy in your registered email account.

Hope, this post would help you out in getting your photo updated on your PAN Card.

What to do When Your PAN Card is Lost

All of us are fully aware of PAN Card importance. Whether we need it in service sector related works or if we own a company, a PAN Card is one of the must-have legal documents. Paying taxes becomes a lot easier and beneficial when using PAN Card.

The Income Tax Department has simplified the complete process for applying a PAN Card compared to the earlier hectic method. So, even if you lose your PAN Card somewhere, you can easily get the copy /duplicate of your PAN Card in a couple of simple steps.

Lost PAN Card

Follow the simple steps mentioned below and your query will be resolved in no time:

Form for lost PAN

  • Other than the basic details, the form will also ask for the details of your PAN Card. In case you have a copy of your lost PAN Card, then attach it. If not, then you can simply click on the link and receive all information related to your lost document.

Lost PAN apply

  • Now you will find an option on the left saying– PAN/TAN, click on this option and you will be redirected to the above image. Enter your basic details. It will show the current status along with your PAN Card number
  • Fill the downloaded Form correctly and attach a passport size photograph. Fill all the details using a black pen and in capital letters.
  • Submit the form to your local TIN centre with a Demand Draft or cash of Rs. 96/- (inclusive of all taxes).

PAN  Centres

Your PAN Card should arrive at the given address within a few weeks. In case there’s more delay, contact your nearest PAN Card centre to know about the reason.

What to do When Your PAN Card is Damaged

PAN Card is an essential document for most of the finance related transactions. But what if it gets damaged? Don’t worry; we are here to help you out on getting a new PAN Card.

Damaged PAN Card reissue

PAN (Permanent Account Number) Card is an important document. It not only proves to be an essential document for filing your income tax returns, but it also serves as a proof of your identity. Given so many advantages, it goes without saying that having a damaged PAN Card may leave you tensed and restless. Fret not; it’s easy to get a reprint or a new PAN Card. Even if you never had one, you can apply for it too.

Here is the step-wise procedure to get a new PAN Card for the damaged one:

  • Open the given link to visit the official website of NSDL-
  • Go through all the instructions and guidelines carefully. You can also translate the text into Hindi as per your convenience.
  • Scroll down to the bottom page to find the option- “Select the Category of the Applicant” to apply for the reprint of your PAN Card.

Apply for PAN

  • Now, select the Category of Applicant from the dropdown menu and chose the appropriate option and then click on “Select.”


  • Once you have read all guidelines, fill the form completely and carefully. When done, submit the fee of Rs.107/- in the form of Demand Draft /Debit Card/ Cheque/ Credit Card/ Net Banking. All Demand Drafts or Cheques must be paid in favour of- “NSDL – PAN” payable at Mumbai.


Do not forget to fill up your existing PAN Number in the box saying “Permanent Account Number (PAN).”

  • No need to check on any box in the left column as your address is automatically verified.
  • It is mandatory to fill all the starred boxes.

PAN Application

  • If you wish to receive the Paperless PAN Application for the re-issue of your PAN Card, you may select YES option when asked for a digital signature. Else, you may click on NO to receive the hard copy of PAN Application Form.

PAN apply

  • Once you have completed all the necessary steps, you will receive a 16-digit Acknowledgment Number. Take a printout of the Acknowledgement Form.
  • Paste your two recent photographs (passport size in white background) in the provided space.
  • Put your signature in the given box.
  • Enclose all necessary documents, Demand Draft/Cheque (if not paid online), self-attested documents, Acknowledgment Form, in an envelope.
  • Write the following on top of the envelope – “Application for PAN Change Request – Acknowledgment Number.”
  • Post it to the address mentioned below –

Income Tax PAN Services Unit, NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited, 5th floor, Mantri Sterling, Plot No. 341, Survey No. 997/8, Model Colony, Near Deep Bungalow Chowk, Pune – 411016.

  • Your envelope with all the documents and form should reach the NSDL office within 15 days.
  • As soon as NSDL receives it, your application will be processed. You will receive an email regarding the same on your ID.
  • You can also track the status of your PAN Card or you can contact NSDL at – 02027218080.

Congratulations, you have successfully submitted the application for the reprint of your PAN Card.

How to Change PAN Card Address Online & Offline

PAN Card is useful and apart from mere financial transactions, it serves you multiple benefits. You are allotted a unique Identification number by the authority. It is to be noted that your PAN Card details remains the same all over India, no matter where you live, travel, or go. Still, some might need to change their present address on their PAN Card. Some might also encounter mistakes or omissions in their card, for which they would need to correct the address in it.

Fret not, if you have been looking here and there thinking how to change your PAN Card address, then our handy guide will definitely help you out. Read on below to know the step-by-step procedure to change your address in PAN Card.


Here we go:

There are two ways to do so – online and offline. If you wish, you can know the PAN Card holder’s Address and download the Change Request Form for offline submission as well. Anyway, here are some points to remember before going for changes in your PAN Card address:

  • The request for changing or correcting your PAN Card should only arrive in case where a PAN number has already been allotted.
  • You can update or make changes in your existing details of PAN Card issued to you.
  • Once your request is accepted, you will be provided a New PAN Card with the same reference number and all your modified details will be updated in the records of Income Tax Department.

Let’s start with the actual process now:

  • Visit the official website of NSDL –
  • Read carefully all the guidelines. If you want, you can also convert it in Hindi. Now scroll to the bottom of the page and you will be allowed to select the category of the applicant.
  • Now select the category of the applicant from the same drop down menu and click on Select.


  • Read carefully and completely fill the form without any mistakes. Once done with this, you need to pay a fee of Rs.107 by Demand Draft /Credit Card/ Debit Card/ or Net Banking. (DD/Cheque should be in favor of NSDL –AN, payable at Mumbai.

PAN Card address change

  • Now you will receive an Acknowledgement Form with a 16-digit Acknowledgement Number. Get the printout of this form.
  • Paste two of your recent photographs (in white background) on the acknowledgement form in the provided space.
  • Put your signature in given space.
  • Enclose the Demand Draft/Cheque (if you have not paid it online), Acknowledgment Form, and your self-attested documents mentioned earlier in the form together in an envelope. Also mention your Acknowledgement Number on the back side of your DD/Cheque.
  • Write following on the top of the envelope– Application for PAN Change RequestAcknowledgement Number.
  • Post it to the following address of NSDL- Income Tax PAN Services Unit, NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited, 5th floor, Mantri Sterling, Plot No. 341, Survey No. 997/8, Model Colony, Near Deep Bungalow Chowk, Pune – 411016.

Ensure that that the envelope with your Application and supporting docs should reach the address within 15 days after getting the Acknowledgement.

Now, you are done with the process for changing your address on PAN Card. Hope, it would be simple and easy to change your PAN Card address using this simple guide.

Uses of PAN Card – Main Benefits and Importance

No doubt having a PAN Card is a necessity given that it serves as a statement of your bank and finance related works. Still, most of us are unaware of the real added advantages that it offers us. Apart from serving as a legal proof, PAN Card comes handy in a gamut of ways. Here we have come up with some main benefits of having a PAN Card along with some reasons that suggest its importance.

Benefits of PAN Card

Let’s have a look:

Uses of PAN Card

A PAN Card or Permanent Account Number is a unique 10-digit alphanumeric Identity Card that is allotted to every taxpayers by the Income Tax Department, under the supervision of the Central Board of Direct Taxes. Apart from it, the Card also serves as a strong identity proof.

Still a question arises at times in our mind, why should we have a PAN Card? Well, here are some pretty good reasons as to why one should get a PAN Card:

  • Benefits to NRIs and Companies with no establishments in India

Don’t worry, it’s not compulsory for everyone to have a PAN Card, especially if you have nothing to do with income tax returns or you are not engaged in any major financial transactions. But if you do, it is essential for you to get one.

Having a PAN Card always comes useful by improving your credibility in front of the Government and other reputable financial institutions. This in turn makes it easy for you to qualify for and get several types of loans and mortgages without much ado.

  • Benefit to Income Tax Authority

PAN Card was actually introduced to estimate the aggregate tax generated in the country so that the authorities can fix the rate of taxation properly. Advantage to the Income Tax Department is that it lets them track your entire financial transactions, dealings, and hence fix the rate at which any individual/company should be taxed. Overall, it is a very useful tool to estimate the total revenue generated in the country.

Importance of PAN Card

Now that you know the main benefits of having a PAN Card, let’s look over some additional points of interest where it is really helpful:

Uses Of PAN

  • It serves as a national identity as it carries your entire information, like Name, Address, Photograph, etc.
  • It is important when opening a bank account.
  • It eases to file your tax-returns.
  • It serves as an ID proof and is nationally recognized.
  • For NRIs, buying property or indulge in business becomes possible only after filing tax returns with PAN Card.
  • It’s a unique card for every user, your name, details etc may change in future but the PAN Card number remains the same.
  • It helps purchasing automobiles easily.
  • It is helpful in buying shares and debentures (exceeding the value of Rs.1, 00,000).
  • It’s a valid photo ID proof.

Now, we hope you are aware that apart from serving as an ID proof, important in sale/purchase of assets, income tax returns and in opening bank accounts, PAN Card is really important in lot more other ways. The universal identification key helps prevent tax evasion. What’s more? It remains unchanged irrespective of your address throughout India.

Complete Guide to Change Name on PAN Card

PAN Card is the unique alphanumeric identification number based legal tool that serves various purposes. If you have a PAN Card and later on you realize the name has some errors, or you want to change the name printed on it, then most of you think it is not possible in the real world. Don’t worry; read this complete guide to change your name on PAN Card.

You can change your name on your PAN Card after marriage, or for a company, you just need to fill up the application form online and read this handy guide for all UTI and NSDL.

Government of India has launched a number of websites as third-party websites for the Indian people to get their UTI PAN Card Name Change or surname change (after marriage). There are two possible methods for this- first, online method and second, offline method by filling the PAN Change Form. Name on the PAN Card can be easily changed by following some easy to follow steps mentioned below:

  • First of all, make sure your name and signature are placed correctly in data base. In case your name or DOB or signature is mistakenly entered in PAN Card, you should take immediate action.
  • Visit –
  • Now click on the “Changes” form as stated in the image. Once done, follow the mentioned rules for further modifications in your PAN Card details in change application form online UTI/NSDL. PAN Card Name change-compressed
  • Once you are done with all possible changes and modifications in your details, pay Rs.107 fee for changes made, which is applicable only in India.

And it’s done!

  • You can also opt for the offline method if you find it suitable to skip the online part. For changing your name in PAN Card by offline method, you need to:
  • Bring your UTI card to a local Internet or e-Seva or other online Seva office along with the list of documents that can be accepted as your Identity proof.
  • You will be given a request letter application form. Fill it and enter the required information.
  • Now tell the officer about what you wish to change and rest will be taken care of itself. A sample request letter on your behalf will be issued and submitted to government to add the necessary details in their data base.
  • You are almost done; wait for the delivery to your home. Generally it takes around 1-2 months.

So now you have successfully raised the request for changing your name in your PAN Card. It is this easy. Hope there is no doubt or issue left in your mind now.

How to Change Date of Birth in PAN Card

There might arise a situation where you may need to change your date of birth as mentioned in your PAN Card. It may be due to any reason, you might have somehow submitted wrong date of birth or you might just want to change it for some error. Here are simple step-by-step guidelines on how to change date of birth in your PAN Card.

Pan Card

There are two methods to change the DOB in your PAN Card at the NSDL portal- first method is the online method where you may just raise a request for all necessary information you’d like to change right over; second method is the offline method where your PAN Card DOB can be changed manually by an offline method.


Below is provided the required website link for making the necessary changes in your date of birth details in the UTI application form. It is applicable to all the States in India. Apart from the date of birth, you can also make changes to your name or surname by following the same process.

  • Go to the website link –
  • Now that you are on the main page, look for the option saying – “changes form”. Follow the rules mentioned on the page for making the necessary modifications on PAN Card Change Application Form online UTI/NSDL.
  • There will also be an image that will guide you to take the right steps. As you want to change or edit your date of birth, so submit your date of birth certificate and upload it for the verification process.
  • Now, click on “changes in PAN details, it will redirect you to another page.
  • Click on “online application for changes in PAN details.”
  • Now the application form will be displayed, submit form online by paying Rs.107 online. Forget not to receive the acknowledgement receipt to track the status of UTI/NSDL details via online method.
  • Before you open the form for changes in UTI PAN Card, it will ask you for your correct date of birth and other related information.
  • As per the government rules- once you get the UTI PAN Card, you don’t need to submit the documents again. In some cases, like for changing date of birth, you might require such a form. You need to submit your Aadhar Card, your voter ID card, or your birth certificate.
  • The payment can be made in any format as you prefer. The fee charged is Rs.107only for the Indian Citizen and for the NRIs the amount may change.
  • You should expect your updated PAN Card to reach you by around one or two months. Delivery time also depends on your location and address.
  • Available payment options includes Demand Draft, Net banking, Cheque, Debit/Credit Card.

The process is complete. Now just wait for your UTI PAN Card to arrive you within 2 months via courier.

Why you should avoid using PAN card as an Identity Proof

PAN card should be used just where it is advised by the Income Tax Department and in different laws wherever it is compulsory. If you use PAN card as an Identity proof everywhere a proof is needed, there are chances that it can be misused to carry out money related fakes, spams and frauds. It can be even used to do fraud transactions.

In this way, it is imperative to know when and where PAN number is to be used.

What is PAN Card?

PAN is a ten-digit alphanumeric number, issued as a card by the Income Tax Department. PAN encourages combination of different reports including; instalment of expenses by an individual, data on speculations, loans and so on.

PAN contains ten characters (alphanumeric). The characters are not irregular. For Example –AFDPR8190K, where the initial three characters i.e. “AFD” in the PAN are alphabetic arrangement running from AAA to ZZZ, fourth character of PAN i.e. “P” speaks to the status of the PAN holder (P for Person/Individual). Fifth character i.e. “R” speaks to first character of the PAN holder’s last name/surname. Next four characters i.e. “8190” are successive numbers running from 0001 to 9999. Last character i.e. “K” in this illustration, is an alphabetic check digit.

Money related transactions where citing of PAN is obligatory

The following are the money related exchanges where citing your PAN is necessary:

  • According to Budget 2015, citing of PAN is obligatory for any purchase or deal surpassing the estimation of Rs 1 Lakh.
  • Sale or purchase of any fixed property esteemed at Rs 5 Lakh or more.
  • At a bargain or purchase of a motor vehicle (bike is exempted).
  • If you book a Time Deposit surpassing Rs 50,000 with a bank or with a Post Office.
  • While purchasing or offering money related securities (Shares/Bonds/Debentures) which are esteemed at more than Rs 50,000.
  • While opening a Bank account.
  • PAN should be cited while applying for a phone connection.
  • Instalment to inns and eateries against their bills for a sum surpassing Rs 25,000 at one time.
  • Instalment in real money for purchase of bank drafts or pay requests or broker’s checks for a sum amassing Rs 50,000 or additionally amid a one day.
  • Save in real money of Rs 50,000 or more with a bank amid any one day.
  • While applying for a Credit or Debit card.
  • Instalment of a measure of Rs 50,000 or more to a Mutual Fund for purchase of its units.
  • Instalment of a sum conglomerating fifty thousand rupees or more in a year as life coverage premium to a backup plan.
  • On purchase of bullion which is worth Rs 2 Lakh or progressively and Jewellery with value of Rs 5 Lakh or more.
  • It is compulsory to give a duplicate of your PAN card while getting enrolled under various statutes like Excise, Service Tax, Value Added Tax (VAT) and so forth.
  • Income Tax Return.
  • If you are staying in a leased property, you have to present your Landlord’s PAN details to your boss to guarantee HRA remittance (if HRA exception is above Rs 8,333 pm or Rs 1 Lakh p.a.).
  • If the individual with whom exchange has been entered and Tax already deducted at source, then PAN must be given. In the event that PAN is not given then TDS at the rate of 20% will be deducted.

One should avoid using PAN card/PAN details as an Identity Proof at any source other than salary or bank related matters. Contingent upon the reason and necessity (as said above), use it judiciously. You may submit other ID proofs like Aadhar card, Voter Id, Driving permit and so forth, if PAN is not required.

Likewise, you can say ‘to whom and for what reason’ you are submitting your PAN card copy or PAN card details. For instance – for applying HDFC bank Visa. You may cite particular substance name, reason, date and afterward sign the PAN duplicate, to dodge any misuse.

Documents Required For Passport Application & Renewal

Documents Required For Passport

Get a complete list of the documents required for Passport application. If you are applying or renewing your passport, you need to submit a few documents. Gone are the days when Passport application and police verification used to take months. You can now get your Passport in a week just by submitting four documents. Ministry of External Affairs now issues Passport within a week upon submission of Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card, PAN Card and an affidavit as per Annexure I. In absence of these documents, submit the documents listed in this post. Proofs of address and birth date are the major documents required for Passport. The list carries all the acceptable proofs of residence and birth date. Passport is a proof of citizenship and essential document for foreign travel. We have covered several useful information pertaining to Passport at

The procedure of Passport application is now much simpler and faster than before. You can submit any prescribed number of documents from the list. Applicants should also check their Passport status online. The Passport status message shows if any additional documents are required. We have also shared a link to download Annexure. Annexure or certificate in specific format is required while applying for Passport.

documents required for passport

Passport Documents for Application / Renewal – A complete Check-list

Following documents are required for Passport application:

Proof of Residential Address

You can submit any or multiple of the following document as a proof of your address:

  1. Ration Card (should be submitted with additional proof of address)
  2. Certificate from reputed companies’ employer (on the letterhead)
  3. Telephone bill (landline connection) or Post paid bill of Mobile
  4. Electricity bill
  5. Water bill
  6. Income Tax Assessment Order
  7. Voter identity card
  8. UID or Aadhar Card (should be older than one year)
  9. Gas connection proof
  10. Passport copy of your spouse
  11. In the case of a minor applicant, parent’s passport or proof of address is required
  12. A registered rental agreement (at least one-year-old)
  13. Bank passbook copy

Proof of Date of Birth

Any of the following documents are accepted as proof of your birth date:

1. Birth certificate issued by your local municipal authority or any authorized office which handles the function of issuing Birth and Death Certificate.

2. School leaving certificate.

3. Illiterates or literates (less than 5th standard) can submit an affidavit made before a Magistrate/Notary. The specimen of this affidavit is known as Annexure A. It is available to download at the official portal of Passport Seva.

At the time of appointment at PSK, above documents should be carried along. Originals and self-attested Xerox copies should be carried.

Note: If you are born on or after 26th January 1989, a birth certificate should be mandatory issued by the local municipal authority or the office of the registrar of births and deaths.

Other guides on our portal

Documents required for PAN Card

Documents required for Aadhar Card

Other Additional Documents Required for Passport

  1. If the applicant is an Indian citizen by registration of naturalization, a citizenship document is required.
  2. Employees of government or public sector or any statutory body have to submit an identity certificate.
  3. Supporting documents are required for applicant eligible for ECNR.
  4. Submit the documents to prove that the expenditure is incurred by the Govt. of India are refunded, if the applicant was repatriated at the cost of government.
  5. Emergency certificate or emergency passport is required if the applicant was deported to India anytime.

Besides above documents, the officials may ask for additional documents like Aadhar card, certificate of marriage or photo ID card. If you are applying for renewal, attach your old passport.

Also learn

Documents Required for Passport Renewal

If you are applying for re-issue of passport after 10 years, submit the following documents required for passport renewal:

  1. Your old/expired Passport in original and a self-attested Xerox copy of the first and last four pages. (including the ECR/ECNR page)
  2. If your addressed has been changed in last 10 years, proof of address documents (as mentioned above) are required.
  3. If your expired Passport does not include the name of your spouse, a copy of marriage certificate is required.

documents required for passport renewal

Passport Documents Required for a Minor Applicant

If you are applying for a minor’s Passport, following documents are required:

  1. A declaration as prescribed in Annexure A, signed by the parents.
  2. Annexure C – In the case of single parents who are separate but not legally divorced.
  3. Annexure G – When the Passport is applied by a single parent or a legal guardian.
  4. Annexure I – When the minor is between 15 to 18 years. Or when parents do not hold valid Indian Passport at the time of Passport application of their minor.
  5. Self-attested photo copies of Passports of the parents (if they hold Passport). The original Passports of parents (if they have), should be presented for verification at PSK.

You can download any of the above Annexure from the official portal using the link shared below:

In any case, if you are applying for a Passport under Tatkal Scheme, you may require a different set of documents. Refer to our post on Tatkal Passport and documents required for a Tatkal Passport in details. Since documents required for Passport under Tatkal Scheme differ, the Tatkal Passport information should be referred. You can also know status of your Passport and other important documents from istatus website.

Besides documents required for Passport, our blog carries check lists of documents required for other applications. Check documents required for Aadhar Card and PAN Card Application too. Since past few years, the Passport application has been simplified a lot. This gives maximum convenience to applicants for issuance of fresh Passports. In the case of any delay in receiving Passport, you can visit your nearest Passport Seva Kendra. In case, if you have lost your Passport, then you can also apply for a duplicate Passport online. The same can also be applicable for duplicate PAN Card. A Tatkal Passport Seva is also available which lets you apply for Passport in case of emergency. In such case, you can expect to get passport within 15 days.