How to Link Aadhar Card with EPFO and UAN at


How to Link Aadhar Card with EPFO

By now, we are well aware how significant the Aadhar Card is. Linking EPF with the Aadhar Card is an initiative by the government of India to give a further boost to the UID enrollment. UIDAI camps and centers are established near industries to attract more and more employees to enroll for the Aadhar. If you want to link your Aadhar Card with EPFO account or UAN, go through the post thoroughly. Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPF) provides Life Insurance, Employees Provident Fund, and Monthly Pension services. The Government has mandated to use UID platform for all these three services. Those who do not have their Aadhar Cards will get an Enrollment ID which can be later transformed into their Aadhar numbers. In case, if you are yet to get your Aadhar Card, you can learn a method to get Aadhar Card online.

Link Aadhar Card with EPFO


To avoid any hassle in EPF services, link your Aadhar with your EPF account and UAN account. Simultaneously, beneficiaries will have to link their Aadhaar numbers with their bank accounts. The present scenario demands beneficiaries to immediately integrate their UID with their EPF accounts. EPFO officials are providing benefits directly to the bank accounts of the beneficiaries. 85% of the receivers are getting EPF payment by NEFT facility. Hence, we have shared the procedure with step wise guidelines. The process of linking is to be carried out online at

Link Aadhar Card to EPFO


Steps to Link Aadhar Card with EPFO account/UAN account

Follow the steps and fulfill the procedure in few minutes without any hassle. The successful linking will be confirmed at the same portal after a gap of 15 days:

  1. Visit the official site of EPFO:
  2. See the options under “Our Services”. Click the option of “For Employees”.
  3. A new page will appear titled as “For Employees.”
  4. At the bottom, you will find the option of “UAN Member e-Sewa” under “Services”.
  5. Click UAN Member e-Sewa.
  6. Login using your UAN number and the password. (If you have not activated your UAN, refer to our post UAN Status.
  7. After successful login, go to “Profiles” drop down menu. Click on “Update KYC Information”.
  8. Enter all the KYC Information on the page i.e. you will be entering your PF account number in the current member ID field.
  9. Select the KYC as Aadhaar.
  10. Upload the following self-attested documents:
  • Self- Attested Copy of Aadhar Card
  • Self – Attested Copy of PAN Card
  • A copy of the cancelled Cheque for your Bank Account Number. This is to verify your bank a/c. no., IFSC code of bank and beneficiary name.
  1. Once you upload the documents, your details will be in Q waiting for approval. You can start checking the status after 15 days.
  2. The status will be viewed under uploaded Approved/Rejected KYC Information at this page.

We once again reiterate that your UAN (Universal Account Number) should be activated at the EPFO portal. After that, you can link your Aadhar number with your EPF account and UAN from anywhere.

When you choose KYC from the drop down menu, you will find an option for many other documents besides Aadhaar. The most significant ones are PAN, Aadhaar and Bank Details. Normally Bank details are to submit PF corpus into account. PAN and UID are to verify your identity. Aadhaar number provides most secured KYC information. With linking of EPF/UAN with your UID, EPFO can access all your personal details. This indeed simplifies the process of your PF claims, transfers, and withdrawals. Now and in future, EPF withdrawal is definitely going to be a speedy procedure due to its integration with Aadhar number.

If you have any issue with linking your Aadhar Card with your EPF/UAN, leave your queries here. We will try to resolve them at the earliest. If you are an EPFO member, do link your Aadhar with your EPF account. You can refer to our other posts on UAN activation and PF balance status to get familiar with EPF portal. Our portal is dedicated to provide everything you need to know about the Provident Fund. Lakhs of employees are members of EPF and waiting for their PF withdrawals. Our aim is to help them through our information and by simplifying the PF procedures. Stay with us for the latest updates on EPF.



  1. Hi
    Can you please Confirm if the new rules issued by the govt regarding PF withdrawal have been implemented basically regarding to 100% PF withdrawl

  2. pushpraj patel says:

    Dear Sir
    I have already linked my aadhar card with UAN ID but when i got a message from EPFOHO it shows my aadhar detail is not available. Kindly give us the solution.

    Pushpraj Patel

  3. Monika Jessi says:

    Dear Sir
    I Have Aadhar Card but I Don’t Know About How to Link Aadhar Card With EPF Status.Please Provide Me All the Information Regarding This Thanks.

    Monika Jessi

  4. Ashok meena says:

    Sir, maney 2 mahiney se aadhar card or bank account detail uplord ker di hai or aap kyc detail kab update karogey please jaldi meri kyc update ker dena mera usmey galat aadhar no. Hai.

  5. Mahammad Ashraf says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am resigned to my present company for last 3 month back, Now I have planed for withdrawal of EPF balance. Already I have updated required KYC details in UAN portal and it is approved from my employer on last 15 days back. But still I never received KYC approved from epf authority any SMS to my registered mobile number. Please advise .

  6. Sanjay K Bhagat says:

    When I upload the adhaar details, remarks coming as Your detail has not been saved, pl suggest what to do.

  7. Ramesh maurya says:

    I haved linked my aadhaar no. With scanned file of it to the epf account, but it shows pending, please tell me that when it will be verified by epfo. And is it neccessery to link PAN Card to the epf account to withdrawl epf amount ??

  8. Ramesh maurya says:

    How to link bank account to the epf account?

  9. Hello, Its been 2 years i am unemployed, i just uploaded my aadhar to portal. Who will approve it. Thanks.

  10. Jitendet kaushik says:

    I have uploaded my adhar in kyc information but after that i am not able to see waitung for approval line what i do .i have uoloaded 3-4 time

  11. A suresh babu says:

    Dear sir,
    I updated my aadhar card number wrongly.
    I don’t know about how to change my aadhar card number with EPF status please provide me all the information regarding this thanks.

  12. Hi,
    I am trying to upload attested Aadhar card soft copy in UAN esawa as explained by you, after uploading it is saying “Your detail has not been saved”, also it is not reflecting there. Could you please advise.


    Dear Sir,

    My AADHAAR number is already updated and approved in UAN portal. But in EPFO the AADHAAR number is not linked. Please link my AADHAAR number to epfo account so that I can claim my pf money.


  14. Jaimal singh saud says:

    Dear sir, I have already linked my aadhar and pan along with bank details through my office named Modern protections and investigation However it shows still the aadhar is not available, pan is not available. Also my surname has not been mentioned in my account details for which I had given the original documents in which my full name {Jaimal singh saud} has been maintained. Yet it shows only Jaimal singh.

  15. Ranjeet Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    On my Aadhar Card my name is Ranjeet Kumar, but previous where I was working they put my name as Ranjeet.
    So while updating my KYC it is being rejected. Plz let me know what to do now as I have already left that job & changed the state also.

  16. kamendra kumar says:

    Dear sir,
    I have a adhar card but I don’t know to add adhar to Uan pls help me.
    Kamendra kumar

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