Pan Card Status- Know your PAN (UTI/ NSDL) Card Status


Track Pan Card Status

If you have applied for your PAN card and eagerly waiting for it, you can track your pan card status online. In fact, this page will assist you with complete tutorial and appropriate information to track pan card online. It is a mandatory identity document required for financial transactions including receiving taxable salary or taxable professional fees. Tracking PAN Card status online is quite a simple and short process and it is further simplified here with our guidelines and direct links given in this write up. The post also contains useful information on various uses of Permanent Account Number besides assisting you to know your PAN status online.

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What is PAN Card?

This plastic card unique identity document is gradually becoming one of the common identity proof too besides being an essential document for commercial transactions. Physically, PAN Card is a laminated plastic card carrying 10 digit alphanumeric code or number issued to each person or tax payer by Income Tax Department of India. The PAN Card is valid across the country and remains unaffected by any change of address within India. Due to its importance, large numbers of people are applying for PAN Card.


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Why PAN Card is Necessary?

Though PAN card serves as an identity proof for opening new bank accounts, credit cards, phone connections etc., PAN Card is mandatory for following purposes:

  • To pay direct taxes and to file income tax returns
  • To avoid deduction of tax at higher rate
  • To carry out specific type of and amount of transactions like sale and purchase of fixed assets of or above 5 Lakhs
  • Sale and purchase of vehicles except two-wheelers.
  • Bank deposits exceeding Rs. 50,000 in single bank in 24 hours.
  • Investment in securities exceeding Rs. 50,000/-

Once you have applied for the card, you can track pan card status from the government portal.

Download PAN Card Form

PAN card application form can be downloaded from the websites of NSDL and UTI. Visit the PAN Card office in your city or offices of NSDL or UIT if located in your city to get the PAN Card forms. Form 49 A is required for application for a new PAN card for Indian citizens, while Form 49AA can be downloaded for foreign citizens to apply for new PAN Card.

PAN card forms for correction or to get new card for the existing PAN number are also available online. After filling up the form, it is a time to track pan card status online.

How to Track PAN Card Status?

Since the method of checking applied PAN card status on their respective site varies, we are giving below guidelines to know your PAN status at NSDL’s as well UTI’s web portals. Also find the PAN card status tracking method at e-Mudhra portal. Know your pan status from our website.

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Tracking UTI PAN Application Status

Follow the given steps to know status of your PAN card application done at portal of UTI Infrastructure Technology & Services Limited. You can also track status of your application for duplicate PAN Card and application for any correction in your existing PAN card. Alternatively, you can always refer website for more information.

  1. Click to go the UTI Pan Status tracking page : UTI
  2. You will be diverted to the tracking app page of the UTI portal. The first process you will be facing is to select the type of your PAN Card Application option out of the three option given : (1) New Application F49A (2) Form 49AA (3) CSF
  3. If you are tracking for your first time PAN Card, select the very first option of New Application F49A. If you have applied for the duplicate PAN Card or have applied for corrections in the existing PAN Card data, select the third option of CSF.
  4. Enter your 15 digit application number or coupon number in the next field.
  5. Clicking on the ‘Submit’ Button will enable you to view your current PAN card status.

If your PAN card application is done through the portal of NSDL, follow the instructions given below under the sub topic of NSDL PAN Status. All the necessary pan card details are given in a separate article to help you to fill up the form fast. You can know your pan card status at both NSDL and UTI portal.

PAN Card Status at NSDL

Be sure to start tracking status of your PAN Card application only after 7 days. Follow the below guidelines to check your PAN Card Status at NSDL:

  1. Click here to reach the PAN Check Status Page : NSDL
  2. Go for the option according to your application type i.e ‘PAN New/Change request’.
  3. Fill in your 15 digit acknowledgement no. in the next field.
  4. Type your Name and Date of Birth details in format required.
  5. Click on ‘Submit’ and get your PAN Card Status.

There are couple of other online service providers who have been authorized to receive online pan card related applications and also to provide tracking solutions for pan card applications. A detailed guide on how to know NSDL pan status has already been provided at our portal.

PAN Card Application Status at e-Mudhra & Samanta

Besides UTI and NSDL, Income tax of department has authorized service providers like e-Mudhra Consumer Services Limited and Samanta Communications Pvt. Ltd to execute online applications, tracking PAN Card Status and issue of online PAN Card. You can track your PAN Card application status applied through e-Mudra as well Samanta ( at their portals. It is also possible to verify pan card online.

How to Get Corrections or Changes in PAN Card?

You can fill up online for request for changes at official sites of UTI and NSDL. Select the option of Application for Request for Change in PAN Card. Fill up the form online with changes you require and submit online. The require documents and payment fees (if not paid online) should be sent to the relevant office of NSDL or UTI or e-Mudhra according to the portal at which you have applied for correction. If this seems like a too much of a work, then we have provided an in-depth guide on how to get pan card correction form and apply it online.

How to Get Duplicate PAN Card?

You can apply for duplicate PAN card using form 49A at the same portals as available for application of new PAN Card. Apply for duplicate PAN Card in case if you have lost your PAN Card or it is damaged. Duplicate Card will be issued to you without any change in your Permanent Account Number. Attach the photocopy of your earlier PAN card with the application for duplicate PAN card.

PAN Card Customer Care Numbers

You can contact customer care numbers of NSDL or UTI depending on which nodal you have applied for your PAN Card.

NSDL and UTI have PAN card offices or PAN Card centers in many cities. You can also call them for any query related to your PAN Card application or getting any information. NSDL and UTI pan card status can be tracked from their respective portal.

PAN Card was originally introduced in order to create a facility of linking payment of taxes, tax arrears, tax demand, assessment, quick extraction of information of tax payers. The Permanent Account Number is an identifier of the person for the income tax department. Pan Card serves for authorities as a significant tool to curb havala transactions and to prevent evasion of tax.

With this Permanent Account Number becoming more and more significant for commercial transactions and as identity proof at various governmental and non governmental institutions, online tracking of PAN Card status is sought after on large basis. We are providing comprehensive platform to have all information and appropriate links related to application and information to know your pan card. Save your time and check your online PAN Card status with us at the official portals of various authorized service providers. In addition to that we have also covered a topic related to the aadhar card or Uidai project. Make sure you follow our pan card status blog to get all the information related to the government ID card.