Documents Required For Passport Application & Renewal


Documents Required For Passport

Get a complete list of the documents required for Passport application. If you are applying or renewing your passport, you need to submit a few documents. Gone are the days when Passport application and police verification used to take months. You can now get your Passport in a week just by submitting four documents. Ministry of External Affairs now issues Passport within a week upon submission of Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card, PAN Card and an affidavit as per Annexure I. In absence of these documents, submit the documents listed in this post. Proofs of address and birth date are the major documents required for Passport. The list carries all the acceptable proofs of residence and birth date. Passport is a proof of citizenship and essential document for foreign travel. We have covered several useful information pertaining to Passport at

The procedure of Passport application is now much simpler and faster than before. You can submit any prescribed number of documents from the list. Applicants should also check their Passport status online. The Passport status message shows if any additional documents are required. We have also shared a link to download Annexure. Annexure or certificate in specific format is required while applying for Passport.


documents required for passport

Passport Documents for Application / Renewal – A complete Check-list

Following documents are required for Passport application:


Proof of Residential Address

You can submit any or multiple of the following document as a proof of your address:

  1. Ration Card (should be submitted with additional proof of address)
  2. Certificate from reputed companies’ employer (on the letterhead)
  3. Telephone bill (landline connection) or Post paid bill of Mobile
  4. Electricity bill
  5. Water bill
  6. Income Tax Assessment Order
  7. Voter identity card
  8. UID or Aadhar Card (should be older than one year)
  9. Gas connection proof
  10. Passport copy of your spouse
  11. In the case of a minor applicant, parent’s passport or proof of address is required
  12. A registered rental agreement (at least one-year-old)
  13. Bank passbook copy

Proof of Date of Birth

Any of the following documents are accepted as proof of your birth date:

1. Birth certificate issued by your local municipal authority or any authorized office which handles the function of issuing Birth and Death Certificate.

2. School leaving certificate.

3. Illiterates or literates (less than 5th standard) can submit an affidavit made before a Magistrate/Notary. The specimen of this affidavit is known as Annexure A. It is available to download at the official portal of Passport Seva.

At the time of appointment at PSK, above documents should be carried along. Originals and self-attested Xerox copies should be carried.

Note: If you are born on or after 26th January 1989, a birth certificate should be mandatory issued by the local municipal authority or the office of the registrar of births and deaths.

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Other Additional Documents Required for Passport

  1. If the applicant is an Indian citizen by registration of naturalization, a citizenship document is required.
  2. Employees of government or public sector or any statutory body have to submit an identity certificate.
  3. Supporting documents are required for applicant eligible for ECNR.
  4. Submit the documents to prove that the expenditure is incurred by the Govt. of India are refunded, if the applicant was repatriated at the cost of government.
  5. Emergency certificate or emergency passport is required if the applicant was deported to India anytime.

Besides above documents, the officials may ask for additional documents like Aadhar card, certificate of marriage or photo ID card. If you are applying for renewal, attach your old passport.

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Documents Required for Passport Renewal

If you are applying for re-issue of passport after 10 years, submit the following documents required for passport renewal:

  1. Your old/expired Passport in original and a self-attested Xerox copy of the first and last four pages. (including the ECR/ECNR page)
  2. If your addressed has been changed in last 10 years, proof of address documents (as mentioned above) are required.
  3. If your expired Passport does not include the name of your spouse, a copy of marriage certificate is required.

documents required for passport renewal

Passport Documents Required for a Minor Applicant

If you are applying for a minor’s Passport, following documents are required:

  1. A declaration as prescribed in Annexure A, signed by the parents.
  2. Annexure C – In the case of single parents who are separate but not legally divorced.
  3. Annexure G – When the Passport is applied by a single parent or a legal guardian.
  4. Annexure I – When the minor is between 15 to 18 years. Or when parents do not hold valid Indian Passport at the time of Passport application of their minor.
  5. Self-attested photo copies of Passports of the parents (if they hold Passport). The original Passports of parents (if they have), should be presented for verification at PSK.

You can download any of the above Annexure from the official portal using the link shared below:

In any case, if you are applying for a Passport under Tatkal Scheme, you may require a different set of documents. Refer to our post on Tatkal Passport and documents required for a Tatkal Passport in details. Since documents required for Passport under Tatkal Scheme differ, the Tatkal Passport information should be referred. You can also know status of your Passport and other important documents from istatus website.

Besides documents required for Passport, our blog carries check lists of documents required for other applications. Check documents required for Aadhar Card and PAN Card Application too. Since past few years, the Passport application has been simplified a lot. This gives maximum convenience to applicants for issuance of fresh Passports. In the case of any delay in receiving Passport, you can visit your nearest Passport Seva Kendra. In case, if you have lost your Passport, then you can also apply for a duplicate Passport online. The same can also be applicable for duplicate PAN Card. A Tatkal Passport Seva is also available which lets you apply for Passport in case of emergency. In such case, you can expect to get passport within 15 days.



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