How To Apply For Passport Online Easily [Step by Step Guide]


How To Apply For Passport

A complete guide on how to apply for Passport online is given here! The procedure for applying for Passport was once a tedious and time consuming job. In past few years, the procedure of online Passport Application is simplified by the government. This post is written to further simplify the process with elaborated guidelines. Applicants can access online process to apply for the Indian Passport directly from here. The post guarantees to save your time over online Passport Application. Right from registration, Passport Seva login, form submission and appointment; all steps are explained here.

The online applications for Passport are submitted at the portal of Passport Seva. Follow the links at the given method of application. Passport is a basic travel document required for both adults and minors to visit any foreign country. Barring some slight changes, the procedure for applying for it remains the same for both adult and minors. Let’s start with the first step of registering yourself at the Passport Seva website.


apply for passport

Passport Application Online Procedure

Carefully follow the below mentioned steps before you visit the nearest Passport Seva Kendra or RPO. The step by step elaboration will help you understand the procedure thoroughly. Learn how to apply for Passport online through the steps given below. We recommend going through the same twice.


Create Login ID at

  1. Click here to reach the Passport Seva site.
  2. At the left corner, you will see options for New User, Register now? (Red coloured boxes).
  3. Just give a single click on the option for New User or Register now.
  4. You will get registration form on the screen. You need to fill up very basic information like your date of birth and name.
  5. Also fill up your login ID and password details.
  6. Select the nearest Passport office in the city. Or the nearest Passport Seva Kendra to your city.
  7. Give a click on register button after filling up the form. This will complete your registration process.
  8. Make sure to remember your login ID and password.

Fill up and Submit Passport Application Form

Fill up your form carefully and submit it at the portal.

  1. Get back to the to the Passport Seva website after you finish with registration.
  2. Now, you will see the option for existing user/login instead of New User.
  3. Enter your login ID and password you have created in the above step and click on Continue.
  4. Select Apply for Fresh Passport.
  5. You will also be selecting any one option from Normal or Click on Next.
  6. If you are comfortable filling up the form online, carry on with the filling up right away.
  7. You may also download it and save it. You can fill it up offline to upload it later.
  8. Choose the method which is best convenient to you. You can also save your form half-filled to complete it later.
  9. After you finish with filling up your passport application form, click on Submit button. You will find it at the bottom of the page.
  10. As soon as you submit your form, you will be redirected to the previous page.
  11. Here you can view your saved or submitted application form by following View button.

how to apply for passport

Passport Seva Kendra Appointment Booking

The final step to apply for Passport is to schedule an appointment with your nearest PSK.

  1. Follow the option of Pay and Schedule Appointment.
  2. Pay and Schedule Appointment option will be available at the same page where you can view your submitted or saved Passport applications.
  3. Pay online and proceed to schedule your appointment at the Passport Seva Kendra.
  4. You can get the list of all the Passport Seva Kendras in your city or the nearby city.
  5. Check out the earliest available time and date for scheduling your appointment.
  6. Select the Passport office where you would like to visit.
  7. Take a print out of your appointment confirmation receipt.
  8. Carry the receipt with you when you visit the Passport office on the scheduled date and time.

We also recommend applicants to carry some additional proof of identities to save time. Do pay your bank bills in time using the portal. Besides basic essential documents, authorities may ask for additional documents too. It is also very easy to link you Aadhar Card to Passport and many other government documents. Learn how to get Aadhar Card Application Form along with the tracking of Aadhar Card status online.

Along with application of Passport, host of other procedures related to Passport can be carried out online. You can track the status of your Passport Application at the Passport Seva site. Though we have tried our level best to guide applicants, they are welcome to drop their confusions. How to apply for Passport is somewhat lengthy but quite simplified procedure. Above instructions and detailed method will surely help applicants who wish to apply for Passport. If you are also planning to apply for your PAN Card, our site will surely help you for the same. For more information about Passport, you can follow ipassportstatus website where all the tutorials related to Indian Passport are covered.


Download Aadhar Card Application Form Online


Download Aadhar Card Application Form

Get Aadhar Card Application Form online! Guidelines to download, fill and submit the Aadhar Card Form are right here. With more and more citizens applying for Aadhar Card, we have shared here some useful information. The same will help applicants in getting the form and submitting it. The form is available free of cost at all the enrollment centers. We have shared links to get it online from various government portals. The same form can be used while applying for the fresh application for the UID number and for making corrections. Go through the detailed procedure to download various forms related to this document.

Aadhar Card number is also known as Unique Identification Number or UID. It is issued to individuals with a unique 12 digit number. Since UID is the only document carrying person’s name, age, residential address and bio-metric details, it is considered one of the secured documents. It also simplifies other procedures like- applying for Passport, getting ration card, gas connection and opening a bank account. Additionally, after applying for the Aadhar Card, you can easily track Aadhar Card status online.

aadhar card application form

Aadhar Card Form in Hindi and English

Application form for obtaining UIDAI can be submitted in English, Hindi and in regional languages as well. We have listed below some links and you can just follow the links and download the Aadhar Card Application Form in Hindi/English. The format of the form is however unique in all the States of India. Hence you need not to worry about its acceptability at the centers in your region.

We also recommend tracking:

NSDL PAN status online

UTI PAN Card status online

Aadhar Enrollment Form/Aadhar Data Update Form

Follow the given procedure to download Aadhar Card Application Form from the NSDL portal:

  1. Click here for enrollment form.
  2. Select the language and you will get the form in pdf format.
  3. You can save the form or print it.
  4. Submit it at your nearest enrollment center with your identity proof and residential address.

Get the form in case you want to get any details to be updated in your existing Aadhar Card. Follow the below link:

Since the application requires your finger prints and retina scan, you will have to visit the center personally. Rest of the things would be taken care by the officials. After doing this, you will be able to track your Aadhar Card status using your name and address online. In case, if you do not receive it at your address, we recommend you to contact officials. Similarly, PAN Card Application Form is also available for download.

aadhar card form

Aadhar Card Enrollment Form in Regional Languages

Get the Aadhar Card Application Form in various regional languages. You can fill it in Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali or in any other regional languages. Follow the given procedure to get your Aadhar Card Application Form in the language of your choice:

  1. Go to the UIDAI official site.
  2. The top bar will display the Language button with an option of drop down.
  3. Select the language from the Languages drop down menu.
  4. Once you select the language, you will see all the instructions at the page in the preferred language.
  5. Follow the left most Downloads option at the center of the page and get the form in pdf.
  6. The second page of the form clearly shows all the instruction to fill up the form.

Forms for Linking Aadhar Card

After getting your Aadhar Card Application Form you can expect it to be available to you within few weeks. You can link your Aadhar Card to various other government approved ID (identity) cards. The government portal linked below will provide you a form to link your Aadhar Card number with your bank account and LPG connection. You can track UIDAI status also called Aadhar Card status from the official portal.

Click on the below link and follow the options according to the form you need. The below page offers you forms for linking your Aadhar with your accounts with banks and LPG consumer number.

  • Forms to Link Aadhar Card with Banks/LPG

With above facility you will be able to download form in English/Hindi. The same portal also provides facility to track status of your linking procedure too.

You can also link your UID number with your Voter ID number and ration card offline. Government is also launching a facility to link your Aadhar Card with your Passport. It has also been tested successfully at many Passport Seva Kendra of our country. Hopefully, you would manage to download the Aadhar Card Application Form, if not so, please let us know in the comment section and we will upload it here.

Once you fill up the Aadhar Card Application Form, you can submit it at your nearest enrollment centers. If you do not receive your Aadhar Card in few weeks, do check the UID status online. Aadhar Card number provides a strong valid identity proof to holders while claiming subsidized ration, pension, LPG connection, Digi-locker and many other significant facilities. Aadhar Card is not mandatory to have. But its growing significance has made it one of the basic documents to hold for the Indian citizens.

UIDAI Status — Check UID Card Status Online

UIDAI Status Online

Have you just applied for your Aadhar Card or UID number? You can know the status of your application for Aadhar Card by tracking UIDAI status online. The online procedure involves using the right official page of UIDAI and following the guidelines therein. We are here to help you understand the procedure of checking the status of your Aadhar application and with this you can check your UIDAI status online within few seconds. Aadhar Card has become an essential document for the Indian citizen hence, know-how of tracking its status is equally essential. The only thing required is a good internet access and the status of your Aadhar application would be a few clicks away. To avoid any misunderstanding, we have elaborated the online procedure and have provided the official sites where you can track your UIDAI status.

uid status

How to Check UIDAI Status at

Online tracking of UIDAI card status is much faster and easier than other manual ways. This post will provide you the required information for online tracking of your Aadhar status. Before you start with tracking of your UIDAI status online, be sure to keep your enrollment receipt handy with you. Here is the step-wise procedure to proceed further:

  1. Log on to UID portal from here.
  2. In a fraction of seconds you will reach the Aadhar Card kiosk.
  3. Type your 14 digit enrollment ID or enrollment receipt number in the first field.
  4. Provide the date and time of the enrollment as mentioned on the acknowledgement receipt.
  5. Complete the procedure by typing the security code.
  6. Finally, click the tab ‘Check status’ to view your UIDAI status.

You will get the message of your Aadhar Card status with status on the screen like- under dispatch or dispatched. It is very important that you preserve your enrollment ID or acknowledgement receipt issued at the time of registration of the UID Card. However, in case you don’t have your acknowledgement receipt, you can still track your UIDAI status by name through a separate procedure by retrieving your enrollment ID online. You can also connect it with your bank account to get the benefits of different government schemes. Similarly, PAN Card can also be linked to the bank accounts. In fact, it is mandatory to link your PAN Card to a bank account if you are an adult. One can get PAN Card status tracking online through our portal.

Aadhar Card Online Portal


Download e-Aadhar Card

If your UIDAI number is generated but haven’t yet dispatched or received by you, you can download and get a print of your e-Aadhar Card. Follow the given quoted link to download your e-Aadhar Card from UIDAI portal.

If you already know your Aadhar Card number or unique identification number, select Aahdar Card number. In case if you do not know your Aadhar Card number, just select enrollment number and provide in the related field. If you are looking for PAN Card related queries, then you can access the posts given below.

PAN Card Application Form

How to get duplicate PAN Card

Enter other required details like your full name, mobile number (registered) and enrollment number/Aadhar Card number. Click on Get OTP to receive the one time password on your registered mobile number.

As soon as you receive the One Time Password, proceed with the step 2 at the same page. Enter your OTP and click on validate and download. The above process will download the e-Aadhar Card in pdf format. However, you will be able to download it only after your Aadhar Card number is generated. Hence it is recommended that you check your UID status first.

Besides tracking UID status, there are many online facilities provided by the Unique Identification Authority of India at its portal like downloading e-Aadhar Card, getting Aadhar Card Application Form and many more. Now, it is possible to know the status of your application for Aadhar Card, PAN Card, PAN Card Correction Form, and many other significant documents and for all these, our site will surely prove an ultimate guide to help you with online checking of your UIDAI status and other procedures related to UIDAI status. You can also refer to our post if you want to know your UID status by name without having your acknowledgement receipt number with you.

How to Get Duplicate PAN Card? Guide to Apply for Duplicate PAN

Duplicate PAN Card

Here is how you can get a duplicate PAN Card in case you lost or damaged it accidentally. PAN Card is an essential document today. You need it for major financial transactions, income tax payments and returns. However, misfortunes do happen sometimes. What if you lose your PAN Card or it gets damaged accidentally? Solution is quite easy and hassle free! You can apply for a duplicate PAN Card online. Your Permanent Account Number will not change in any case. However, you need to go through some simple steps to get your duplicate PAN Card. We will make everything easy for you in this step-by-step guide. A thorough procedure for its application is shared in this post. Appropriate links for the same are captioned here for you to access them directly from here.

To apply, you will need to submit your Permanent Account Number. If you do not find your PAN Card number with you anywhere, no worries. Retrieve your PAN Card number and its details using facilities at the Income Tax e-filling portal. Please refer to our post for PAN Card verification. It will help you to retrieve your PAN number and details at e-filling site. (Follow the different procedures of Know your PAN and Know your Jurisdiction Officer).

duplicate pan card

When You Should Apply for Duplicate PAN Card?

Any PAN Card holder can apply for the duplicate PAN Card in following cases:

  1. You have lost your PAN Card.
  2. Your card is stolen. (No need to have FIR copy or any complaint lodged for the lost card).
  3. Your card is damaged/illegible.

Please note that you will be applying for the re-print of your card. Your re-printed PAN Card will be exactly the same as the original one and there will be no mention of the word “duplicate” anywhere. You need to fill all the correct PAN Card details in case you are re-applying for it. In case, you want to get certain details changed in your previous card, we recommend getting PAN Card Correction Form from the official website.

How to Apply For Duplicate PAN Card

Find below how you can apply for the duplicate PAN Card at NSDL portal.

  1. Visit the NSDL official website.
  2. Click on the button- Reprint of Card.
  3. Follow the link for ‘Online Application for Changes and Correction in PAN Data’.
  4. You will get all the instructions for filling up the online form.
  5. At the bottom of the page, find the button for selection.
  6. Select your entity as applicant for PAN Card. Select Individual/Partnership Firm/Company and other options as applicable.
  7. You can now start filling up the form and submit it. You will need to mention your Permanent Account Number.
  8. If you are mentioning your Aadhar Card number in the application form, do send the proof of your Aadhar Card to NSDL e-gov.
  9. Upon your successful submission of form, you will get an acknowledgement number.
  10. Get a print out of this acknowledgement receipt.

duplicate pan card form


Documents Required for Duplicate/Change/Re-print of PAN Card

Send following documents to NSDL e-Gov as instructed:

Paste two recent photographs (coloured with white background) on the acknowledgement. Put your signature or left thumb impression half across the photo. Following things are required to be done:

  1. Acknowledgement (duly signed with photographs in case of individual).
  2. Demand Draft of Rs. 107 in favor of NSDL – PAN, Payable at Mumbai. (If you have not paid online).
  3. Any proof of existing PAN (if you have any).
  4. Proof of Identity, residential address and birth date (applicable for individuals and proprietors).
  5. Send the documents to NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Ltd., 5th, Mantri Sterling, Plot No. 341, Survey no. 997/8, Model Colony, Nr. Deep Bungalow Chowk, Pune – 411 016.
  6. Mention on top of envelope: “APPLICATION FOR PAN CHANGE REQUEST-N-Acknowledgement Number” (mention your 15 digit acknowledgement receipt number).
  7. Envelope should reach NSDL within fifteen days from the date of online application for Duplicate PAN Card.

This completes your application process.

Also note that the copy of your lost or damaged PAN card does not serve as sufficient proof. You need to send proof of identity, residence and date of birth. Only after submitting this, you will receive the Duplicate PAN Card.

You can track status of your application online using our separate post on PAN Card status. You can also inquire by calling the NSDL helpline number at 020-27218080. We are sure that the above guidelines will help applicants getting their Duplicate PAN Card. We also recommend applicants to get necessary changes in their PAN Card while applying for the duplicate one. You can also get complete guidelines to apply for a fresh PAN Card at our site. Likewise, application can be made through UTI or NSDL for any changes required in the PAN Data too. Though we have tried our best to give all the necessary details, visitors are welcome to drop their queries and confusions related to PAN Card procedures.

PAN Card Details – What to Fill in PAN Card Application Form?

Are you planning to apply for the PAN Card? No need to get confused about PAN Card details to be filled in the application forms. We have shared here links and information for all details about how to fill the PAN Card Application Form. Form 49 A is required to apply for PAN Card for Indian citizens. Applying for Permanent Account Number is quite a simple online-process. To make it simpler for you, we have given here instructions that will help you to fill your form 49 A. First, you should download the PAN Card Application Form. In case, you are looking to change the details, then PAN Card Correction Form should come in handy. Moreover, you will also get friendly with the online-process of verifying one’s PAN Card details.

Permanent Account Number is becoming an essential document. It is mandatory for tax payers and financial dealers. It is also must for sale and purchase of specified assets and properties. Basically, it was introduced to help the IT department by bringing transparency to all the financial transactions, thereby, helping to curb Hawala and other illegal transactions. PAN number is issued with life-time validity and allows IT to know the source of any financial dealings. Besides Income Tax Department of India, it has also become a helping tool for Banks and other financial and commercial institutions. Perhaps, it is one of the mandatory identity documents required in most of the places where money and finance is involved. Government can easily find out all the transactions using the PAN Card attached to your bank account. It is also a duty of every Indian to get the PAN Card for their firm, business and personal use. We have provided all the necessary PAN Card details required to fill up the form. It should help you in getting the details of filling the PAN Card Application Form, especially the first timers.

PAN Card Details

While filling up your Form 49 A, you need to enter all your personal details. Find below the details which you need to fill in your PAN Card Application Form.

  1. Name and Address
  2. Date of Birth or Date of Incorporation in case of firm
  3. Father’s Name (for individual)
  4. Phone Number
  5. Address for communication
  6. Residential or office address
  7. Status of Applicant (applicable in case of firms)
  8. Aadhar Card number in case of Indian citizen

Since, PAN Card can be issued to an individual or a firm, some details are applied for firm or individual or both. Mostly, you can find such application forms from the two government approved portals- NSDL and UTI.

pan card application details

PAN Verification – How to Verify PAN Card Details by PAN Number

Use the online facility of ‘Know Your Jurisdiction Officer’ to know the details of any firm/person by entering the PAN number:

  1. Click to go at Know Your Jurisdiction Officer page.
  2. Point the arrow to the Permanent Account Number and click on ‘submit’ button.
  3. You will see the PAN Card holder’s name, and jurisdiction details.

Anyone can use this facility provided by Income Tax e-filling portal. One can easily get all the PAN Card details and transactions attached to it. It will ensure you of legal identity of the unknown party before you enter into any transaction.

Track PAN Number by Name & Date of Birth

As you can track PAN card status details by PAN number, likewise you can also know your PAN number by entering your details. This will help you to know your pan online from wherever you are.

  • Click here to use Know your PAN by your name and date of birth.

In case of firm, enter the date of incorporation in the date of birth field. You can also use this facility to know your Permanent Account Number. Know your PAN helps people to apply for duplicate PAN card in case of losing it.

pan card details

Pan Card Inquiry

If you have any query with regard to your PAN application, you can call on below numbers. Call on UTI if you have applied through UTI portal. If your application is processed at NSDL, call on NSDL, Mumbai numbers.

  • UTI Customer Care Toll Free Number: 1800 220 306
  • UTI Customer Care number: (call charges applicable) 022-6793 1300
  • NSDL Customer Care Number: (call charges applicable) 022-2721 8080

It would be much easier to track PAN Card status online. Our site will guide you easily about PAN Card tracking at NSDL, UTI and e-Mudhra. Refer to our separate post on PAN Card status online. Following links should help you further in this regard:

UTI PAN Card status

NSDL PAN Card status

Permanent Account Number is becoming a powerful tool to confirm legal identity of a person and firm. Host of online facilities are present at government sites of Income Tax and authorized nodal NSDL and UTI. Any individual and institute can use these facilities to verify the PAN Card details and to track the application status. Know your PAN and Know your Jurisdiction Officer are also such facilities at the e-filling site. We help Indian users getting friendly with online procedures of Permanent Account Number and Aadhar Card. Visitors are welcome to drop their queries and confusions related to PAN Card details in the comment box below.

How to Download PAN Card Correction Form [UTI/NSDL]

PAN Card Correction Form

PAN Card is an essential document for Indian citizens. However, often you might find some inaccurate details added to it. Probably, you misspelled your name or address, you might have changed your name, etc. In such scenario, it is essential to change the details on the PAN Card or get it corrected. It is pretty easy than it sounds. You can download PAN Card Correction Form from UTI and NSDL portals and fill it up to make necessary changes in your PAN Card. Since it directly affects your income tax refund, it is therefore necessary to get it corrected sooner than later. Get changes and corrections done in your existing PAN Card. First you need to get the correction form for PAN Card. You can apply for changes in your existing card by submitting the form with the necessary documents. Submit the application form to make online corrections. You will find the complete process of downloading this form from the authorized sites. To make your complete application process easy, we have also listed some short guidelines. You may also refer to our post on duplicate PAN Card.

Income Tax department has authorized some leading financial entities to carry out applications, issue and corrections of PAN Cards in India. Download it from the official sites of UTI and NSDL. Just follow our below instructions and access the appropriate page from here. Similarly, applicants can also download PAN Card Correction Form from the portal of e-Mudhra.

pan card corrected

When to Get PAN Card Correction?

Get your PAN Card corrected for various mistakes like given below.

  1. Error in Applicant’s name or spelling
  2. Error in Applicant’s father’s name
  3. Mistake in birth date
  4. Photograph is not clear
  5. Signature is not clear
  6. Discrepancy in printing of PAN number

Never ignore these mistakes in your PAN Card. You can also download PAN Card Application Form online, if you are applying for the first time.

We recommend applicants to carefully mention the correction/s in their PAN Card Correction Form while applying. In case, if you have applied for the changes, then it is essential to track the PAN Card status. We recommend you to check the NSDL PAN status as well as the UTI PAN Card status from the given sources.

PAN Card Correction Procedure at NSDL

Learn how to download PAN Card Correction Form online by following the given guidelines. Use the following step-wise procedure and the given links to apply for corrections or changes accordingly.

  1. Click here for NSDL portal.
  2. You can start filling up the form after following the guidelines given.
  3. You will see a button at the bottom of the page.
  4. Select your option of individual or firm as applicable and fill up the form.
  5. Make sure that you provide your PAN Card number and the change or correction you need.

You can also track the status of your application.

pan card correction form

Downloading UTI PAN Card Correction Form

Alternatively, you can also get the PAN Card Correction Form from the UTI portal.

  1. Visit UTI portal.
  2. The home page will show a menu bar.
  3. Move your cursor over the Downloads Menu item.
  4. The drop-down menu will show many options.
  5. Click on the option showing ‘Change Request Application – CSF Form’.
  6. You will get the form for PAN Card correction in pdf format.
  7. You can save or print this form by clicking the relevant options shown at the top-right corner.

You can submit your online PAN Card Correction Form at any nodal authorized by the Income Tax Department for PAN Card issue. Follow the links of Apply for PAN Card Data Change or Correction in PAN Card to fill up the forms online and submit them. Filling up the forms are easy due to instructions which are given along.

The fees for correction can be paid either online or by sending  a DD along with the relevant documents. Applicant will be submitting the acknowledgement receipt. Proof of identity, residential address and birth dates are also to accompany the receipt and Payment DD. Also superscript your envelope as Application for PAN Change request – N – 15 digit Acknowledgement number.

Permanent Account Number is almost an essential document today for citizens. Hence be careful about your details it carries. We recommend our readers to check their PAN Card details as soon as they get their PAN Cards. In case of any errors including misspellings, apply to request for the changes. Our site has also been updated on how to submit PAN Card Correction Form online. Do share this useful post with your friends and family members for their use and knowledge. Keep visiting for latest updates on important documents like Aadhar card and other documents. It is also recommended that you get your passport as well. Learn how to apply for passport online easily.

In case if you are having any trouble getting PAN Card Correction Form then let us know in the comment section below:

PAN Card Application Form – Download UTI/NSDL PAN Card Form Online for Free

PAN Card Application Form

While everything is going online under e-governance project, many of the Indians have started taking advantage of the same. At this PAN Card portal, you will get every information that you want to know about your PAN Card. Following our guidance, you can download your PAN Card Application Form for free.You can download PAN card application form from NSDL and from UTI portals as well. Applicants will get all guidance here for downloading the required application form. We have also given links that will direct users to the official sites of UTI and NSDL. Application forms are also required if you want to get correction in it. There is also a PAN Card correction form available to rectify any errors in the PAN Card. Instructions and links shared in this post will help users to get their relevant application form easily. Other useful information about the PAN Card Application Form is also shared at our site. As you might be aware, PAN Card is now a mandatory document while opening a bank account in India. You need to link your bank account to PAN Card as well as Aadhar Card. The latter is not mandatory though.

PAN card can also be applied by foreign citizens in India. Different forms are to be submitted for correction and application. Hence the below shared details will help you to get the correct PAN Card Application Form as per your requirement. Once you apply for PAN Card, you can also check the status of your application online.

download PAN Card nsdl application form

NSDL PAN Card Application Forms

NSDL portal allows applicants to download following forms in pdf format:

  1. Form 49A – For Indian citizens who wish to apply for a new PAN Card
  2. Form 49AA – – For any foreign citizen who wish to apply for a new PAN Card
  3. PAN Card Correction Form – This form is for requesting a new PAN Card (for existing PAN no.) or corrections/changes in existing PAN Card Data.

Applicants can fill the forms online at any nearest TIN Facilitation Centers managed by NSDL. You can search for your nearest TIN Facilitation Centers or PAN Centers at NSDL site. TIN Centers receive applications for PAN and TAN numbers. They also receive TDS returns, annual information returns from income tax return filers. You can also easily check TIN NSDL PAN status online from one of our previous guide.

UTI PAN Card Forms

If you wish to apply for a new PAN Card, use below links to download the appropriate form. The PAN Card Application Form for the existing PAN number or for correction/s in the existing PAN Card is known as CSF at the UTI portal.

  1. Form 49A – For Indian citizens
  2. Form 49 AA – For foreign applicants
  3. CSF – For requesting change or correction in existing PAN Card. This form should also be used when you want to get a new PAN Card for your already existing Permanent Account Number. This facility will be useful in case your PAN Card is lost or damaged.

Instructions for filling up the application forms are available for all the above forms. You can also follow how to fill PAN Card guide in case you are struggling to fill up the above form. Following the guidelines given in the form makes it simple for applicants to fill up the form. If you have applied for a PAN Card through UTI portal, then you can know your UTI PAN Card status as well.

PAN Card Application Form

Documents Required with PAN Card Application Form

Applicants of PAN Card will have to submit the following documents to NSDL or UTI offices:

  1. Proof of Identity
  2. Proof of Address
  3. Proof of Birth Date (in case of individuals and HUF)
  4. Certificate of Incorporation/Partnership Deed (in case of company or Partnership firms)

Examples of some of the identity proofs that you can submit are- driving license, Aadhar Card, Ration Card with applicant’s photo, Voter ID Card and Copy of Passport. Other Identity proof include Arm’s license, Pensioner Card and Certificate of Identity.


To curb any kind of duplicity and fraud, Government is now providing facility to link PAN Card with Aadhar Card. Paying taxes have become extremely easy as PAN Cards are now linked to your Aadhar Card. If your Aadhar Card number is linked to your PAN Card number, you can pay your taxes without sending your ITR V acknowledgment. Learn how to get Aadhar Card status by name or number. Please browse our site through the search option for any particular information you are looking for. We have posted on PAN Card status and PAN Card verification too. We are sure to make it easy for you to get the appropriate PAN Card Application Form. Our site is dedicated to guide Indian citizens to use the online facilities with regard to Permanent Account Number.

How to Track Aadhar Card Status By Name

Get Aadhar Card Status By Name

Aadhar card is one of the most essential government documents. Although it is not mandatory, it has become one of the very essential government documents. There are many ways to track Aadhar card status by enrollment ID number. What if you misplace or lose your enrollment receipt of your Aadhar card application? Well you can still track your Aadhar card status by name from the official portal of UIDAI itself. Though the process might confuse you if you are not a net-freak, it is quite simple to go through it. Tracking Aadhar card status by name involves following two-step procedure:-

1. Retrieving your enrollment id number.

2. tracking your Aadhar card status using the enrollment number.

This post will completely familiarize you with both the steps that need to be carried out on the UIDAI portal to track aadhar card status by name. Learn how to apply for aadhar card online.

aadhar card status by name

How to Check Aadhar Card Status By Name at UIDAI

There is already an up to date guide on how to check UIDAI status online. This post will guide users to know their Aadhar card status by name and  by number. It will be extremely helpful to know how to track Aadhar card status and retrieve the enrollment id number.  The enrollment ID is usually given at the time of the application & it is essential for obtaining UID number.

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You need not to worry if you have lost or misplaced your enrollment ID receipt issued to you at the time of Aadhar card application as there is an option to check Aadhar card status by name at the UIDAI portal. You will find below the elaborated step wise procedure to track UID status by name. Follow the guide and you will know the status of your Aadhar card application even without the 14 digit enrollment receipt number.

check aadhar card status

Here we go with the tracking of your Aadhar card status by name:

STEP – 1 To retrieve your Enrollment ID number

  1. Go to the official website of UIDAI.
  2. Click the “Check Aadhaar Status” button.
  3. Select the option of enrollment ID Number.
  4. Now provide the required information like your full name, date of birth, mobile number, email ID, etc.
  5. Enter your full name exactly the same as you have provided in your Aadhar Card application form.
  6. Proceed further by entering your registered mobile number/email ID.
  7. Enter the security code in the given box.
  8. Click on the below tab of ‘Get OTP’. (OTP stands for one time password here) and proceed with the step 2 as soon as you receive the OTP on your phone or mail id.

STEP – 2 Using the OTP and tracking your UID status

  1. You will immediately receive OTP on your mobile or email address within few minutes.
  2. Type this OTP in the given field of ‘Enter OTP’.
  3. Click on the ‘Verify OTP’ button.
  4. You will now receive your Enrollment ID/EID/Enrollment number on your mobile or email id.
  5. Go to this page of UIDAI by clicking here:
  6. This is the Aadhar card status tracking page of UIDAI. As now you have already retrieved your enrollment id number, enter it along with the issue date and time.
  7. Type the Security Code as displayed on the screen.
  8. Click on last tab saying ‘Check Status.’
  9. You will now see the status of your Aadhar card here. You will be able to know status like:- 

a) Your Aadhar card is under process or 

b) ready to dispatch or 

c) already dispatched

If you have already been allotted the Aadhar Card no., it will be displayed on the screen.

In a move to streamline the Identity of the Indian citizens, Government of India launched Aadhar Card in the form of a 12 digit individual identification number. This number is issued by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). Though it is not mandatory to hold Aadhar card, it has widely gained importance as one of the important proof of identity required at various governmental and non-governmental offices. Validity of Aadhar card is life time and hence it does not need any renewal. It will not be difficult for anyone to retrieve the Aadhar card enrollment id number and track their Aadhar card status by name online after going through this post. In case you need Aadhar card to submit at any place and you have forgotten to carry it, e-Aadhar card is the best solution as it is also valid everywhere just like the original Aadhar card. ipancardstatus provides all the necessary information related to the government documents. We have also posted other useful information on tracking pan card status and pan card details besides online Aadhar card status by name.

How to Check NSDL PAN Status Online? Tin NSDL Pan Status

Track NSDL PAN Status Online

With increasing dependency on PAN Card to track transactions and fraudulent activities, it has become one of the essential documents for every Indian individual, businessman and firm to have a PAN Card. Everything you need to know about PAN Card has been covered here. Track your NSDL PAN Status online from the official source using the step by step guide given here. NSDL and UTI are one of the prime sources from where users can get their PAN Card related information. You can track your PAN Card status at the official site of NSDL from here and it will save your precious time and efforts to navigate through web for tracking page of NSDL PAN Status. PAN Card has become one of the vital documents in India for commercial transactions above the specified limit and a sturdy proof of legal identity and genuineness of a person and a company. You can know your PAN Card status easily online. In fact, it is now mandatory to connect your bank with the card. The PAN Card can be obtained by a person as well as by the commercial units. It is a powerful weapon for government and income tax department to keep a check on tax evasions and anti social activities like Hawala transactions. More and more people are applying for PAN Card and looking to know the NSDL PAN Status after application.

NSDL stands for National Securities Depository Limited and is a Mumbai based government authorized entity to issue PAN numbers and TAN numbers and a host of other financial services. This post is mainly dedicated to guide those PAN Card applicants who have applied for their PAN Card through the NSDL portal to track NSDL PAN Status online without any hassle. Follow the link given in the next section and track your NSDL PAN Status within few seconds by providing a couple of information of your PAN Card Application. Before you start tracking your PAN Card Status, keep your acknowledge number or acknowledgment receipt ready with you.

nsdl pan card status

Track NSDL PAN Card Status at

Searching for any vital information online can be time consuming and cumbersome issue if you are not aware of the appropriate site or page. Do not spend your time navigating for the NSLD PAN Card tracking page. Just click on the below link and get diverted to the precise PAN Card tracking page of the NSDL website.

Here are the complete steps you need to fulfill and information you will need to provide at the PAN Card status tracking page of NSDL:

check nsdl pan status

  1. Click here- NSDL to reach the appropriate page.
  2. You will find a window on the screen displaying ‘Track your PAN/TAN Application Status.
  3. The first step will demand you to select your application type. Select PAN New/Change Request.
  4. Enter your 15 digit acknowledgement number that is issued to you by the authority at the time of receiving your PAN Card application.
  5. Enter your name exactly as you have mentioned in the PAN Card application.
  6. Enter your date of birth.
  7. In case if the PAN Card is applied for a firm or a business units like partnership or a company, enter the date of formation of the company or firm or date of the partnership deed. For name, the firms should write their name only in the field of last name or surname.
  8. Click on ‘submit’ after filling up all the details required in the related fields.

You can see the status message for your PAN Card application. Start tracking your NSDL PAN Card at least after seven days from the date of your application. Additionally, a step by step guide to get the UTI PAN Card Status from their portal has also been covered. The procedure is almost identical except a few steps. In case, if you are interested knowing your Passport Status, then we have a separate portal for that.

However, if you are a newbie and looking for a guide to apply a PAN Card online, then we recommend following this guide. You should also download NSDL PAN Card form if you want to get NSDL PAN Card.

With this procedure not only the applicant of new PAN Card can track the NSDL PAN Status, but the applicants who have applied for a duplicate PAN Card can also check their PAN Card application status. If you have applied for any correction in your existing PAN Card, the status can be checked with the same procedure given above. Make sure you have applied for correction or duplicate NSDL PAN Card through NSDL only. provides user friendly interface for the application of PAN Card and Application for Correction in Permanent Account Number. Surely you are now much well acquainted with the online procedure for tracking NSLD PAN Status at Well many of you must be applying for PAN Card through the nodal services of UTI or e-Mudhra too. Follow the related posts at our site to track your UTI PAN Card Status and e-Mudhra PAN status. We have simplified the procedures of applying for PAN Card, tracking PAN Card Status and searching PAN Card Application Centers. Follow us and know your PAN Card Status yourself by tracking UTI or NSDL PAN Status just in few seconds. You can also get the status at the uidai status online. In case, if you are having difficulty in following the above steps, then feel free to let us know in the comment section below. Someone from our team will guide you with the right step.

UTI PAN Card Status: Track UTIITSL PAN Status Online

Track UTI PAN Card Status Online

Here is the ultimate solution for your UTI PAN Card status. You can easily track UTI PAN Card status online from the official UTIITSL website and by going through this post, you will be provided with all the necessary resources along with the steps to track your PAN Card easily. The post not only will lead you to the precise tracking page of the UTI PAN Card but also provide guidelines to go through the procedure. PAN Card has become one of the significant documents for individual and firm in India. It not only helps in simplifying the financial transactions by a person/firm but also helps the government to know about the transactions made by them. Based on the yearly earning, a person/firm has to file the income tax. Permanent Account Number can be applied for by a firm or by an individual person. UTI Infrastructure and Technology Limited are among the government authorized online service provider for issuing PAN Cards.

The Permanent Account Number is unaffected by any change in the domicile of the applicant and remains valid throughout all the States of India. Moreover, it has unique numbers for the different individuals. Get acquainted with the UTI PAN Card status tracking and an extremely easy to follow tutorial for the same. We will be guiding users through the procedure of tracking the UTI PAN Card status online and also to understand the various PAN Card status messages. Similarly, you can track NSDL PAN Status easily.

UTI pan card status

How to Check Pan Card Status at UTIITSL?

Checking the UTI PAN Card status at the UTIITSL or at the UTI portal is quite simple and will be further simplified with elaborated steps and direct links for UTIITSL given below for your best convenience. You might be interested in getting the UTI PAN Card Application Form first before everything else. In case, if you have already applied for a UTIITSL PAN Card application, then you can proceed further.

Click here to track PAN Card Status at UTIITSL:

  • UTI PAN Card Tracking

You just need to select the application type according to your requirement and enter the acknowledgement receipt number or coupon number. If you have applied for any correction in the existing PAN Card, select CSF in the options of application type. However, if you haven’t applied for the PAN Card yet and looking for a guide to apply for PAN Card online, then you would be more than happy to follow our previously written guide.

The application type of PAN Card refers to your application form or purpose.

UTI Infrastructure Technology and Services Limited– UTIITSL is a government owned entity and provider of technology and outsourcing services for major financial and other government sectors.

UTI can be contacted at its toll free number 1800220306 for any query.

Track UTITSL PAN Status

Locate PAN Card Application Centers

With the UTI portal, you can apply for a new or duplicate PAN Card and can apply for any correction in the existing PAN Card. Get the details of any UTI PAN Card Application Centers from the given link of UTIITSL:

Know Your PAN AO Code

You can get the details of any PAN Card Application Center by selecting the State and City at the above link. Get the complete details of your nearest PAN Card Application Center with address and contact details by following the above UTIITSL link for locating PAN Card Application Center.

Besides following the UTI portal for UTI PAN Card status track, get your AO code with below captioned UTIITSL link. AO code for PAN Card Application is a combination of Area code, type, range code and AO number. AO code is required while filling up your PAN Card application before you track the UTI PAN Card status. While applying for PAN Card, you can search for the AO Codes on the basis of your city. UTI PAN Card Correction Form has also been made available in case if you have entered wrong information while applying online.

Income tax department has allotted execution of issue, application, tracking and dispatch of PAN Card to financial service providers like UTI, NSDL and e-Mudhra. Track UTI PAN Card status here and get many other essential PAN Card details and PAN Card Application requirements. We are sure our write-up has guided you to go with tracking your UTI PAN Card status and host of other information you will require while applying for PAN Card at the UTI or NSDL. All PAN Card status related information has also been provided on the homepage so users can track it easily.